Dr. Rupali Sonolikar

Dr. Rupali Sonolikar

Assistant Professor


Dr. Rupali R. Sonolikar is an Assistant Professor with three years of teaching experience. Research interest includes Computational Fluid Dynamics study of granular material in different various engineering systems and the application of Artificial Intelligence-based methods for analysis and modelling purposes.

Qualification :

PhD. – Chemical Engineering
M.E. – Chemical Engineering
B.E. – Chemical Engineering

Research Papers :

Research paper 1: R. R. Sonolikar, M. P. Patil, R. B. Mankar, S. S. Tambe and B. D. Kulkarni, Genetic Programming based Drag Model with Improved Prediction Accuracy for Fluidization Systems, Int. J. Chem. React. Eng. 2017.

Research paper 2: R. R. Sonolikar, M. P. Patil, S. S. Tambe and B. D. Kulkarni, Model development for the separation efficiency of magnetite in magneto-fluidized bed using artificial intelligence formalisms, NexGen Technologies for Mining and Fuel Industries, 2017.

Experience :
Teaching experience : 3 Years
Research experience: 5 Years


Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Transport phenomenon, mathematical modelling, Plant Equipment Design, Catalysis