Dr. Shilpa Kodolikar

Dr. Shilpa Kodolikar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shilpa Kodolikar is working as Assistant Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering. With her strong belief in teaching as a blend of coaching, leading, guiding and mentoring, she joined teaching after working for a year in the industry. Her primary goal as a teacher is to inspire her students to self-learning and to be co-discoverers in the treasure hunting of Learning. Her research interests include Process development, Process Modeling and Simulation, Separation Techniques, Catalysis and Industrial Waste Water Treatment.
Qualification :
PhD.(Chemical Engineering)

M.E.(Chemical Engineering)
Research Papers :
Research paper 1: S. Kodolikar [Kulkarni], D. Bhatkhande, V. Pangarkar, P. Kulkarni, Extraction of toluene and n-heptane mixture using ionic liquid Aliquot 336 and mathematical modelling for solvent selection, Separation Science and Technology, Vol.53, Issue 1, 61-70. [Online published on 11 Sept 2017]

Research paper 2: P.B. Kodolikar, S.P. Kodolikar, Energy Optimization in Ammonium Nitrate Plant, Chemical Engineering World, Vol 42, No.11, Nov 2007, 44-50

Research paper 3: V. R. Doss, S.P. Kodolikar, A comparative study of 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulphonic acid and its 7-nitro derivative loaded on f-400 granular activated carbon for removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions, International Journal of Environmental Sciences Vol 3, No 6, Aug 2013, 2048-2067
Experience :
Teaching experience: 14 Years

Industry experience: 1 Year

Research experience: 5 Years (Overlapping)

Process Modeling and Simulation, Process Dynamics and Control, Process Design and Synthesis, Catalysis, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Separation Techniques, Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering.