Dr. Vikrant Gaikwad

Dr. Vikrant Gaikwad

Head of School


Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering with 20 years of teaching experience-driven to inspire students to pursue academic and professional excellence. Has research interests in Process Development for Water Treatment Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase Systems, Process Instrumentation and Control.

Qualification :

    • PhD (Chemical Engineering)

    • M.E. (Chemical Engineering)

Research Papers :

Research paper 1: Vikrant Gaikwad, Vivek Ranade., Water Disinfection using Hydrodynamic Cavitation: Influence of orifice shape & Inception, (131f), 2015 AIChE Annual Conference Proceedings, ISBN: 978-0-8169-1094-6, 2015.

Research paper 2: Vikrant Gaikwad, Vivek Ranade., Effect of Orifice Shape on Water Disinfection Efficacy, Pollution Research(Scopus Indexed), 35 (4), 105-111, 2016.

Research paper 3: Vikrant Gaikwad, Vivek Ranade., Water Disinfection using Vortex Diode as Hydrodynamic Cavitation Reactor, Asian Journal of Chemistry (Scopus Indexed), 28(8),1867-1870,2016.

Experience :

Teaching experience: 20 Years

Subjects :

Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Process Dynamics and Control, Process Calculations, Chem.Engg. Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering