Prof. Dr. Kiran Patil

Prof. Dr. Kiran Patil





Dr. Kiran Patil is working as Professor of Chemical Engineering in School of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Kiran Patil is a seasoned Chemical Engineer by training and has wide-ranging research experience that span reactive separations, process modelling and simulation, and industry implementation experience, as well as administrative and organizational abilities. Professor Patil has worked as a teacher, researcher and academic administrator in a professional career of 25 + years.

He has worked as Director-Examination, Polymer, Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering, (125/2011), University of Pune. (2013-2019). He has served as the Head of the School of Petroleum, Polymer, and Chemical Engineering (from 2018 to 2021), as well as the Head of the School of Chemical Engineering (2017 to 2021) and the Head of the School of Polymer Engineering (2016 to 2017) in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at MIT World Peace University in Pune, India. During his tenure as Head of School (HoS), Professor Patil has successfully developed several research programmes in the School of Chemical, Petroleum, and Polymer Engineering, designed and implemented new courses, and generated lot of funds for infrastructure development through various funding agencies such as AICTE, DST, BCUD, University of Pune, and various industries.

Professor Patil has made numerous contributions to chemical engineering research in general, as well as separation science and engineering, reaction engineering, and catalysis in particular. He has a deep interest in modelling and simulation of complex chemical engineering processes. Dr. Kiran Pail's significant academic and research contributions are truly multidisciplinary. The common theme that binds his contributions is experimental investigations, design of experiments, modeling and extensive application of commercial software in Chemical engineering such as Aspen Plus®, UNISIM™, and MATLAB® etc.

He has received the MIT Group of Institutions' Ideal Teacher Award (2009), as well as the BSA and Dewang Mehta Business School's national awards for Best Professor in Petroleum Engineering (2013), Best Professor in Polymer Engineering (2017), and Best Professor in Chemical Engineering (2018). Recently, he received the national award, “Shiksha Bharati Award-2020” from the Indian Achiever's Forum in New Delhi in recognition of outstanding professional achievements and contributions to nation building (2020). He has been invited to work as an advisor on a panel for the selection of various scientific positions in various state and central government departments by the UPSC in New Delhi and the MPSC in Mumbai. Dr. Patil also serves on the NAAC Peer Team in Bangalore and has served on a number of academic bodies and committees at various universities and autonomous institutes. He has also served on the MAEER Group of Institutions' Governing Body (2012-2015). Dr. Kiran Patil has held positions as a member of the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) and a Chairman, member of the Board of Studies (BOS) in Chemical/Petroleum/Petrochemical Engineering at the University of Pune, MIT-WPU, Pune, RGPV, Bhopal, SATI, Vidisha, MITS, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, and a member of the Research and Recognition Committee (RRC) at Shivaji University, Kolhapur. He is currently an Advisory Board Member in the Department of Technology, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, for Chemical Engineering and Technology. Recently Prof. Patil is nominated by AICTE, New Delhi as a Margdarshak - Mentoring for NBA to create value.

Dr. Kiran Patil is recognized Ph.D. Guide in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Pune. He has successfully guided more than 50 + B.E./B.Tech students for their UG projects and 20 Masters Students for their dissertation. He is currently guiding the Ph.D. research of 05 Ph.D. research scholars in the Chemical Engineering. He has published 50 + research papers, edited two research volumes and written two Book chapters and four technical books on Chemical Engineering, covering the syllabus of major Universities in India and considered as textbooks in syllabus of some Universities for their UG courses and these books are more popular in SARC countries Dr. Kiran Patil is a Senior Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), USA, and a Life Member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), India, ISTE, New Delhi, India, the Institution of Engineers, India, the Catalysis Society of India (CSI), the Indian Membrane Society, India, the Indian Plastic Institute, India, and the Institutions of Engineering and Technology, UK. He has visited Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Scotland and Dubai for academic, research and University collaborations

Qualification :

Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering)

M.E. (Chemical Engineering)

PG Diploma in Business Management and Administration

Research Interests:

Reactive Separations, Process Intensifications, Modeling, and Simulation of Engineering Systems, Green Engineering, Reaction Engineering and catalysis.

Summary of Research Publications:



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Research Papers :

Research paper 1: Kiran D. Patil, Bhaskar D. Kulkarni, Kinetics of the Esterification Reaction of Acetic acid with 1-Pentanol over Ion Exchange Resin, International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, 14,  pp 58-70, 2011, [No. of Citations: 04]

Research paper 2: Kiran D. Patil, Bhaskar D. Kulkarni, Synthesis of iso-amyl acetate Synthesis by Reactive Distillation: Simulation and Experimental Studies, Journal of Chemical Engineering,10, 202, pp 245-269, 2011, [No. of Citations: 05]

Research paper 3: Natasha Vincent, Kiran D. Patil, Mahesh Kumar, ” Preheat Network Reconfiguration of Kero Hydrodesulphurization Unit “, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, ISSN: 2395 -0056, Volume: 04 Issue: 05, pp 34-43, 2017

Experience :

Teaching experience: 25 + Years

Industry experience: 2 Years

Research experience: 7 Years (Overlapping with Teaching experience)


Mass Transfer, Reaction Engg.Process Control, Process Economics, Process plant Design, Research Methodology, Piping Engineering, Separation Processes, Environment Engineering, Unit Operations etc