Mr. Niraj Topare

Mr. Niraj Topare

Assistant Professor


Niraj S. Topare received his Master degree in chemical Engineering and perusing PhD in Chemical Engineering from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. He has total of seven years of teaching experience. He is currently working in the areas of Bio-energy (Bio-fuels, Biodiesel Production, Biochar), Wastewater Treatment, Separation Processes

Qualification :

  • M.Tech. – Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech. – Chemical Engineering

Research paper :

Research paper 1: Niraj S. Topare, Martin Joy, Ratnadeep R. Joshi, Pradeep B. Jadhav, Lalitkumar K. Kshirsagar, Treatment of Petroleum Effluent using TiO 2 /UV photocatalytic process, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 92 (2), 2015, 1-4. (Impact Factor- 0.42)

Research paper 2: Niraj S. Topare, Sunita J. Raut, V.C. Renge, Satish V. Khedkar, A Study of Process Variables for the Photo-catalytic Degradation of Rhodamine-B Using TiO2 & Nb2O5, Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 90 (12), 2013, 2193-2198. (Impact Factor- 0.42)

Research paper 3: Niraj S. Topare, Sunita J. Raut, V.C. Renge, Satish V. Khedkar, Y.P. Chavan, S.L. Bhagat, Extraction of oil from Algae by solvent extraction and Oil Expeller method, International Journal of Chemical Sciences, 9 (4), 2011, 1746-1750. (Impact Factor- 0.6)

Experience :

Teaching experience: 7 Years

Subjects :

Mechanics of Materials, Petroleum Equipment Design, Novel Separation Processes, Engineering Materials & Solid Mechanics, Mass transfer-II